FAQ (frequently asked questions)

How to choose the right party theme for me?

First, we have to say that any of themes and party plans we have designed will be great. It's the same as going to a cinema to watch a movie. One day you would watch one movie and the next day you might watch another one, but at the end of the day, they are each different and at the same time great on its own way. The same we can say about theme parties. If you have a specific theme that you like then pick that one. If you can't decide then pick any and you will enjoy it anyway.


Why to buy Ready Party Plan instead of planning the party myself?

It’s all done for you, just follow the instructions and no more waste of time, searching and thinking for ideas to use for your party. Each party plan has been tested and individually shaped for its target audience, whether it's adults, teenagers or children. Best games and activities to entertain your guests, plus easy to follow recipes, decoration ideas, free printables, shopping list and dress code tips - everything is included in the Ready Party Plan!

Why host a themed party instead of a regular party?

The most exciting and memorable parties specify a theme and require fancy dress. Why? Because putting on a costume allows you to be someone else for a night, helping you to let go and have a good time. And - it’s so much fun!

What is included in the Ready Theme Party Plan?

To see each individual party plan, please check the party page you are interested to buy because every party has its own design and ideas.

How many people can attend my party?

Every party plan (food, games, printables etc.) prepared based on 10 people, but all of them are easily adjustable. 

Where can I make the theme parties?

Each themed party is designed for either indoors or outdoors use. Every indoors party can be made outdoors, as well, but parties designed for outdoor use are not suitable for indoors. As you already know, you can always improvise. 

Is this party site any different from others?


First, we offer you a perfectly made full party plan with every single detail included. You will not find this anywhere else!

Second, many of the party themes we offer, are very original; not the most popular ones, which is perfect for those who want to organize something new and are bored of the same old themes!

How much will I have to do after buying a ready party plan?

All you have to do is to follow the directions and complete each step. Grocery, prize, decoration shopping would be necessary, but all the printables you need for the purchased party are included for your convenience. Some of the ready party plans will even include your shopping list! 

Can I get a refund if I decide I don't want to make the party?

Sorry, but no refunds are not offered as these plans do not have an expiry date and you receive a finished product. You can always make the party later and you can always give the party plan to a friend as a gift but you are not able to resell it. 

What exactly is the product I am buying?

Our product is a PDF DOWNLOAD file!!! Nothing will be mailed to you, as everything you need to host a theme party is in the PDF file that you can print on your home printer using regular printer paper. Best results if printed in color. There is no limit on how many copies you can print, but must be for your personal use only. However, you may not redistribute the file or sell printed items for profit.

This file contains 1 high-resolution PDF file formatted to fit an A4 sheet of paper. Due to differences in computer monitors and printer ink, exact colors are not guaranteed.

Where else can I buy your product?

We have an Etsy store, FunDayParty. where you can easily see all our products in one shop. You can also shop by different age groups the parties are designed for

When and how do I get the password to download a party plan?

Access codes are sent to you within 12 hours from the moment your payment has gone through successfully. It can happen within minutes if we have received the order confirmation and normally does not take more than 12 hours. 

What is your Privacy Policy?

Please see our privacy policy by following this link here. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us.

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