Glow in the Dark Theme Party

Summer is a great time for a Glow in the Dark party!
It is really nice to have a Glow in the Dark party outdoors, this is why summer comes in handy! But on the other hand, this theme is so versatile that can easily be done indoors. 
The only thing you really need is darkness! 
Things to keep in mind when planning Glow in the Dark Theme Party:
1. Think how to mark your party area with glowing things
2. Use bright colors 
3. Highlight the food table with glowing decorations
4. Have an impressive glowing centerpiece
5. Make glowing in dark food and drinks
6. Play games that are meant for darkness
7. Ask your guests to wear glow in the dark clothing


If you have great photos from your Glow in the Dark theme party, we will be happy if you send them in to update our inspiration gallery!

glow in the dark PARty props 

glow in the dark PARty ideAS 

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