About Us

Our story

10 years ago, when I met my husband (although I didn’t know that he will be one), I was nicely surprised that he is also into organizing different parties and events.

I have always loved everything within a theme, so when we became a couple it was only natural that we started to organize different themed events and parties. Although planning a party takes a lot of time, we love to do it and we have always worked as a great team. (Not a big surprise that we had a Travel themed wedding with different tasks for the guests to do throughout the day!)

Things we’ve learned

Over the years we have learned that easy, unfamiliar and interesting party games are essential to every party. So we started to create our own games and collect only the best of the best from different books and the internet. Now we have a great collection, where all the games have been tested.  

Decorations are another thing that is very important to highlight a theme. As we have never had a big budget for parties, we are always looking for new ideas for DIY decorations without spending too much money. On the other hand, if your budget allows it, there are so many different ready party supplies to buy these days, it is just impossible to resist having a perfectly decorated party.

We have never been the best cooks. Especially on the day of the party, when there are so many things to do, you don’t want to be cooking all morning/ all day. This is why we offer only really, really easy to make recipes for themed party food and drinks that will look stunning on your table.

International experience

We have organized all sorts of events like Geocaching events, city races, differently themed scavenger hunts, even 2-day Survivor game with all the voting and different tasks, LARP (Live Role Action Play) events, weddings and countless theme parties for various age groups. As we have lived in different countries while doing this, like Canada, New Zealand, Latvia, United Kingdom, we do have a very international experience.

The idea was born

Over the years people have given us some really great feedback about our parties. Usually, they also mention that they would like to try to organize a party like that, but they just don’t have enough time or they are not too sure about their organizational skills. This is how we realized that there is no one out there in the party industry, who offers a ready party plan with all the games, decorations, food, drink recipes, printables, other tips all in one place.

This is how we came up with an idea of offering ready party plans that would save a lot of your time on planning and would have everything you need in one downloadable and printable file that will be sent to your email!

Offering unique idea and product

The difference between us and other party companies/ websites – our product is unique because we have created Ready theme party plans with everything you need to host it.

Ready Theme Party plan includes:

  • themed Games that are appropriate for the age group it's meant for, 

  • an Activity that will be a great mood setter, 

  • easy to follow themed Food and Drink Recipes, 

  • DIY Decoration ideas, 

  • a printable Shopping list with all ingredients/ items necessary for each step

  • all party Printables you might need

  • tips for Dress code

  • general Tips, that will help you to organize/ host the party

  • entertainment for hours

Original themes

If you are getting bored of same old theme parties, we offer quite many ideas and Ready Plans with unique ideas. We love to generate and create something completely new and hope you will like them, too!

Customized party/ event plan for you

If you need any tips or you would like to have a custom created plan for an event in your life, please contact us

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