Outdoors Olympic Theme Party (adults)

Fun Olympic Day in your backyard, park or anywhere outdoors for the most competitive!

You can make this party any day you want. Every party plan (food, games, printables etc.) prepared based on 10 people, but all of them are easily adjustable. 


You don't have to like sports to love this party! This party is all about having fun and doing sports that no one has done before! And if you are the best, you might get a medal - the question is - will it be gold, silver or bronze?


Don't be scared to host this party, as all tips you need to organize it will be included in the ready party plan. Everyone will enjoy your funny local Olympic games, that will lift your spirits up high! 

The party includes:

  • fun tips for dress-code,

  • easy achievable themed food and drink table,

  • an activity that will make your guests laugh,

  • 5 Olympic inspired games,

  • party printables


Now you can be the Best Host and make the Best Theme Party in just a few minutes!

Get access to this Theme Party Plan within 12h from the moment when payment is confirmed! Password will be sent to your email. Please note that this is a PDF DOWNLOAD file and nothing will be mailed to you!!! 


Olympic Party Props 

olympic party ideas 

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