Would You Rather? Alice in the Wonderland Edition (Ages: 8+)

Would you put a sign 'We are all made here' in front of your house? Would you want to wear a crazy hat every day? Would you want to be invisible? Play this Would you Rather game Alice in Wonderland Edition to find out your, your friends and family answers to many fun questions!


Would you Rather game Alice in Wonderland Edition is perfect for ages: 8+. The game is an instant download, so you can just print and play. 

The game includes:
• Game rules
• 20 fun Alice in Wonderland Would you Rather questions on beautiful movie scene cards
If you want your cards to last longer you can laminate them. Otherwise, save the file and print again.

Would you Rather…. game is a fun party game to play, as you have to choose one of two given options. It is a great icebreaker game and party conversation starting game for family and friends; great for a Birthday party, a Family Reunion, an Alice in Wonderland theme party, a Tea Party. Play during a picnic or a road trip or any other journey. 

Get access to this Printable Party Game within 12h from the moment when payment is confirmed! Password will be sent to your email. Please note that this is a PDF DOWNLOAD file and nothing will be mailed to you!!! 


alice in wonderland PARty props 

alice in wonderland PARty ideAS 

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